Olli Nieminen worked at Amerplast extrusion department in Tampere packaging factory as a part time Summer worker. At the extrusion department we manufacture the polyethylene film for our plastic packaging. Olli is studying Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology and he is aspiring to be an engineer one day. “I was very pleased to work at Amerplast since I’m very interested in the plastics industry and this work experience is something that will be beneficial for me in my studies and the future career”, he explains.

Olli Nieminen

Olli worked in the extrusion department as a machine operator. His daily tasks included switching of the film rolls, preparation of jobs and job changes, keeping the extrusion area clean and taking lab tests from each new job. He finds the work versatile and he learned a lot. “The work is challenging, which I like, and thanks to great colleagues I learned many new things. The working environment was really good and I got a lot of support and help when needed”, he says. The most challenging part of his work was the job changes with changing of the raw materials according to each new recipe. “You need to be very precise in order to get the recipe right and you cannot make mistakes.”


Even though Olli had worked in an industrial environment before, this was the first time for him to work for such a large company. What he learned while working in a bigger organization was that every individual needs to do their part as well as they possibly can since everything effects to the final outcome and to the company’s success. He also discovered that communication and information flow plays a big part in a larger organization.


For those of you, who are searching for a summer job he has a couple of good advice: “Begin the search of your Summer job as early as possible, so you have time to find something you are actually interested in. Primarily apply to companies and jobs you find interesting and which could benefit you in your studies or your future career”, Olli says.


Finally, Olli explains that the reason why he is interested in the plastics industry is the discussions around plastics and the misconceptions of plastic as a non-environmentally friendly raw material. He wants to be part of the sustainable development of plastics. “The reason why I wanted to come to work for Amerplast is because I knew that this company is a forerunner in sustainable plastic packaging. For example, the company utilizes its own PE production waste and promotes recycling. There is even a separate collection point for household plastic packaging waste at the factory premises”, he concludes.

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