Amerplast is taking the leading position in transforming the flexible packaging industry into an environmentally sustainable business. We take our responsibility of creating a better future for everyone very seriously. Sustainability is one of our company values and a cornerstone of our strategy. Sustainability is not merely an environmental issue but a comprehensive approach to a better way of doing business and growing together with our customers. We are Leading the way towards new era of flexible packaging – the circular economy.

Amerplast Sustainability Strategy – steps towards the Circular Economy of Flexible Packaging


Amerplast sustainability approach consists of concrete, long term and strategic actions leading towards the new era of flexible packaging – the circular economy. We believe, what is good for people and the environment is good for business.


We have started our sustainability journey already in the beginning of the 90s with the use of recycled plastics and material efficiency. Today, we are taking a leading position towards the circular economy of flexible packaging. We are excited to publish our sustainability strategy guiding our way towards more sustainable packaging and future, together with our customers, partners and the consumers.


Amerplast Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Mission and Vision


Our mission is to grow together with our customers, through sustainable flexible packaging solutions, completely integrated in a circular economy.


Our vision is to be the leading circular economy flexible packaging company in Europe and to be the preferred supply partner for our customers.

Comprehensive approach to sustainability


Our comprehensive approach to sustainability with each of its three dimensions (social, environmental and economic) consists of concrete, long term and strategic actions that ensure a sustainable way for us to grow together with our customers.


Sustainable Solutions


Sustainability is, and will remain, a key requirement for flexible packaging. At Amerplast, we see that it is our responsibility as a packaging supplier to constantly search for and bring forward the most environmentally friendly alternatives in materials and technologies. As part of our AmerGreen sustainable solutions program we offer sustainable raw materials, extended shelf life and ensured recyclability. This program is built to support the transition towards circular economy through material efficiency, lower greenhouse gas emissions and less waste.

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Sustainable Operations


We pay close attention to the sustainability of our operations and we have, for example, set targets to decrease our impacts on climate and the environment. All of our production locations are involved in our sustainable operations program. Our mission is to make the most of our planet’s scarce resources through material and operational efficiency. Also our suppliers are encouraged to minimise their environmental impacts and to promote circular economy in their operations.

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Sustainable Amerplast


Amerplast is committed to responsible business and sustainable growth. We operate according to high and ethical business standards, also paying attention to sustainability and responsibility of our supply chain. Social sustainability at Amerplast is about respecting people and contributing to a better future for individuals, societies and humankind. Thriving employees are the foundation of our operations. Our key focus is on employees’ safety, well-being and professional development.

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