Consumers are expecting to see new items on store shelves every week and competition for consumers’ attention between products is fierce. Innovative, functional and attractive packaging solutions offer a competitive advantage. Packaging development plays an increasingly important role when it comes to creating successful products and brands.   Contact us for a run-through of your current packaging and your needs and we’ll let you know how to take it to the next level in terms of functionality, efficiency, visuality and sustainability.

In-house Research and Development department

Amerplast has its own Research and Development (R&D) department located both in Finland and in Poland to ensure that our customers have the technical and material support they need. Our aim in R&D is to be the solution provider that delivers improved convenience for consumers and enhanced shelf visibility for retailers and brands.


We cooperate closely with our customers’ production, supply chain, procurement and marketing departments to provide optimal logistic and packaging solutions that efficiently support our customers’ business. Innovation is a key added value that we offer, regardless of whether we are talking about improved functionality developing more sustainable solutions or going with the latest printing and laminating techniques.

RnD Lab

Highly skilled personnel


Amerplast’s know-how covers a wide range of flexible packaging applications. We pay close attention to testing and qualifying top-quality raw materials, which are optimal to our internal and customers’ processes. We have years of experience in sustainable flexible packaging solutions such as utilizing recycled and biobased raw materials.   Amerplast’s laboratory works intensively with our production and R&D. The wide range of laboratory equipment enables us to make deep product analyses. Our R&D personnel have extensive knowledge of testing and measuring processes. We also work in close cooperation with universities and research institutes.   Amerplast’s R&D department is a motivated group of enthusiastic people, who give their best to fulfil even the most challenging customer expectations. Our internal target is to be innovative at all levels of the organization and our operations. We eagerly take on the challenges given to us by our customers and make the impossible possible.

RnD Lab personnel

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