At Amerplast, our product offering has now expanded to include new packaging applications suitable for a wide range of market sectors. In close collaboration with our sister company, Hanmere Polythene, we are able to provide our customers with a specialist co-extrusion sack range printing available up to six colours, and food processing bags, liners and sheets, that will hygienically protect food products within food manufacturing facilities. All of our new products are manufactured within the stringent quality control standards that have established Hanmere Polythene as one of the most trusted polyethylene packaging producers in the UK.


Hanmere Polythene has several proprietary products that have been developed to address specific needs for their customers. Whether you’re interested in seeing how the Hanmere Core Products range can support your company, or want to work with a polyethylene manufacturer that is able to offer alternative solutions to reduce your plastic usage without compromising performance, speak with a member of our team to learn more.

Market sectors


  • Food Processing
  • Food Ingredients
  • Animal Feed and Supplements
  • Aggregates
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Laundry
  • Furniture & Bedding

Packaging solutions



Improving upon the traditional paper sack, Hankraft is designed to be more stable, stronger and safer. It is composed of a multi-layer structure, with a paper-like outer. The result is a water resistant, low-slip end product that is puncture resistant.


  • Compliant with European safety standards for food-safe materials
  • 50% lighter and 75% more compact than an equivalent paper sack
  • A more carbon efficient packaging option
  • Can be printed up to six colours


Hankraft is a 100% recyclable material, ensuring an environmentally conscious product.




Created as a protective material, GS69 is a high performance film for lining boxes, crates and trays. It’s engineered with precision to be stronger than conventional film, but use less raw material. The result is a cost-effective film that is easy to open, non-blocking, and suitable for freezing.


  • Can be adapted with a blend of polymer grades for barrier characteristic options
  • Available in boxed, flatpack or a tear-off roll format
  • In-house print facilities can add logos, warning notices and further personalisations


GS69 is compliant with the M&S G4 guideline requirements and European regulations for food-grade packaging.

Tray and dolav liners

Tri-Ex film


A versatile film, designed to be a multi-use option for many stages of the packaging process. Tri-Ex is a three-layer, co-extruded film that withstands heavy usage requirements without compromising on weight. It’s light and strong, reducing the need for higher spend on less efficient packaging.


  • Compliant with European safety standards for food-safe materials.
  • Offering blend combinations that can provide many barrier and slip characteristics.
  • Can be printed in up to six colours


Tri-Ex is created with high quality polymers and additionally the customer can choose different inner/outer colour options. It is also 100% recyclable.

Tri Ex film

Specialist Sacks, Bags, Tray & Dolav liners, Sheets and Tubing


In addition to the core product range, Hanmere & Amerplast can support businesses with polyethylenes for most manufacturing requirements. As a full-control manufacturer, we’re able to offer our customers a bespoke service, with options in colour, thicknesses, shapes and styles.


  • Available in a range of colours and opacities
  • 100% recyclable
  • BRCGS Accredited, M&S Approved, Food contact approved materials


We’ll work in close collaboration with your team to ensure that your  products are packaged and presented in the way that best suits your business.

Special films

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About Hanmere


Hanmere Polythene, incorporated in 1966, is proud to be a pioneer in the Polythene industry. The company’s mission is to continue on the trajectory that they have been building for the past 50 years, growing to a Pan-European Polythene group that can support the food industry and other sectors at every step of their process. Hanmere takes pride in the ability to support their clients in their needs to be safe, hygienic and environmentally aware. Hanmere Polythene is a BRC approved polyethylene manufacturer, with consistent high quality and compliance to food contact legislation.


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