AmerChain combines the industry-leading performance of Amerplast’s system packaging with an advanced packaging machine – giving you the new generation of all-in-one solutions. This flexible and cost-efficient solution is ideal for packing everything from food to electronics, to pharmaceuticals, in medium or small runs. If you are looking for an easy and cost-effective, yet high-quality, system packaging solution to start packing, simply choose AmerChain.


With low start-up and running costs, AmerChain offers a great alternative to manual packing or larger, more expensive packaging lines. It provides you with flexibility and speed and enables you to get the most out of our materials.

Market trends


  • The global flexible packaging market is growing. There are a number of reasons behind the growth such as the conversion from rigid to flexible packaging. Flexible plastic films and laminates provide a light weight and versatile option with a decreased need for raw materials per packaging, thus lowering the environmental impacts and financial costs.


  • Sustainability is one of today’s key trends and future requirements. Recyclability and the use of recycled or biobased materials are the features now sought after in sustainable flexible packaging solutions.



  • Sustainability in packaging is most often communicated with rough paper-like surfaces, earth tones or green designs and different eco-symbols. Consumers are used to associating these visuals with sustainability and many brands are using this to stand out from the competition. As the number of sustainable options is increasing, the brands need to think about other ways to stand out and still communicate the sustainable values.

Flexible and Versatile Packaging Machine


The AmerChain packaging machine is flexible and effective in production. Package types and sizes can be changed quickly and easily. This means that you can always stay on top of your needs – even when working with small runs and anything weighing up to 10 kg.


The AmerChain machine also enables you to add on features, such as support conveyors, ink-jet systems, and thermal transfer systems whenever you need them. We can also offer you our total packaging concept which also includes automatic filling equipment. With a single easy-to-use solution, you can now fill your bags and seal them in a continuous chain process.


AmerChain is very flexible in the range of applications with which it will work. So, whether you are talking dry or frozen food, powders, pet food, or liquids like detergents, AmerChain will deliver. Take stand-up pouches, for example, which are set to become increasingly popular in the future. Or laminated bags featuring different types of closures. They all work perfectly with AmerChain.

AmerChain Machine
System Bags
System Bags With Sweets

AmerChain® System Bags


The cutting-edge AmerChain solution can be used to package everything from dry goods to frozen food, powders, pet food, detergents and liquids. It works well for stand-up pouches and for laminated bags equipped with different types of closing mechanisms and perforated easy-open solutions. In addition to AmerChain packaging system, these linked bags are suitable for bagging machines known as Joker® machines.


Amerplast offers a wide range of material choices, including PE and PP films, laminated materials and metallised films. The range of materials also contains innovations such as AmerFeel, with its matt surface and pleasing texture. With the AmerChain concept, all of our materials can be used to produce packages in special sizes and styles.

AmerChain System Bags are an ideal packaging solution for:


  • Electronics
  • Hygiene products
  • Dry food and powders
  • Bakery goods
  • Natural products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Confectionery
  • Frozen food
  • Spare parts
AmerChain system bags

Sustainable Flexible Packaging


Sustainability is and will remain a key requirement for flexible packaging. At Amerplast, we are relentlessly promoting the use of green packaging solutions simply because we think it is our responsibility as a packaging supplier to constantly search for and bring forward the most environmentally friendly alternatives in materials and technologies for producing high quality packaging solutions.


The AmerGreen sustainability program is our quest for a better world. As part of the program, we offer sustainable raw materials and ensured recyclability. Read more >>

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