Amerplast is a category leader in the packaging of tissue. With our AmerTissue program, we want to lead the development of better and more sustainable packaging solutions for tissue products. We support our customers’ distribution growth by providing a wide variety of formats adapted to the needs of different distribution channels, offering both films and bags.

AmerTissue film and bags offer you the widest portfolio of packaging solutions for tissue papers in the industry, impressive printing capabilities, and sustainable Green PE packaging that never compromises on performance or characteristics. In addition they offer, optimal material thickness and minimum weight for low logistics costs, as well as maximum strength and sealing properties for even the most advanced high-speed production lines.


Our goal is to deliver the best tissue paper packaging solutions today, while being well prepared for tomorrow.


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Market trends


  • Channel structures and tissue sales patterns vary considerably between different countries in Europe. Consumers expect various economy packs in large stores (Hyper, Hard and Large Super) and smaller packs in proximity stores (Convenience, mini-markets, small supermarkets).



  • Our research shows that key consumer drivers can be grouped into four macro needs: Cleanliness (absorption and strength); Softness for sensitive skin and textures for washcloth feel and strength; Value for money for both everyday basic tissue papers and premium products, mainly through packaging formats at different price points; Sustainability focus on environmentally friendly products and packaging.

AmerTissue Film Portfolio

The demand for high-performance films for tissue paper has become increasingly complex in the past few years. With AmerTissue, we offer a wide variety of high gloss and high transparency films. We also propose matt films with soft touch properties for premium brands, while responding to production demands for light weight, thin films and extra stiffness for running films on the latest high-speed lines.


AmerTissue offers almost limitless possibilities for film-based packaging structures, sizes and designs. Our portfolio includes a wide variety of films that guarantee maximum strength and sealing properties. We also provide precision laser perforation adapted to your needs, and designs for easy opening for the end consumer.

At Amerplast, we have real expertise in packaging solutions for pocket tissue products.  We offer both inner and outer film solutions to ensure efficient production on the most demanding high-speed lines.  Outer film can also have precision laser perforation for easy opening.


Amerplast is investing heavily in printing capabilities and a full integration of the printing process. We have 8 to 10-color printing machines and combine different printing technologies such as FTD and HD to achieve the best design rendering. We also combine different types of printing plate material for more precision. We make the printing plates in-house and have developed a best-in-class in-house prepress department.

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AmerTissue Bag Portfolio

Amerplast is expanding its existing capacity and capabilities in order to meet customer needs for a broader portfolio of film constructions and the growing demand for a large array of bag structures for different distribution channel requirements. We currently find, three types of bags are being offered to customers. We believe that, in the near future, we will face a growing demand for an almost limitless number of bag structures that efficiently accommodate different brand and distribution strategies. Amerplast is well prepared for this rapidly approaching change in your requirements.

AmerTissue bags offer you almost unlimited bag configurations and structures, including Twister bags or BFTQ, Flatpack or Chimney bags and Scanpack bags. Our bag structures and designs fully adapt to all paper tissue filling technologies. We can provide you with high-performance films with high transparency and glossy finish, using coextruded polyethylene films with increased sealability. We can produce strip handles, optima handles and various types of perforations for easy handling and carrying.

AmerTissue Bags

Sustainable Tissue Packaging


Sustainability is and will remain a key requirement for tissue products. At Amerplast, we are relentlessly promoting the use of green packaging solutions simply because we think it is our responsibility as a packaging supplier to constantly search for and bring forward the most environmentally friendly alternatives in materials and technologies for producing high quality packaging solutions.


The AmerGreen sustainability program is our quest for a better world. As part of the program, we offer sustainable raw materials and ensured recyclability. Read more >>

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