Consumers are more and more aware of the environmental effects of plastic packaging. We take the sustainability challenge seriously. We are reusing waste material from our own manufacturing sites as well as our customers’, and we manufacture carrier bags containing more than 95% recycled materials. We also utilise post-consumer recycled materials in our retail packaging production. Biobased polyethylene is being used where recycled materials are not an option. As an example, our Amergrip deep freeze bags are made of sustainable Green PE. The green polyethylene is from renewable resources as the plastic is made of sugar cane.

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Our retail packaging solutions are convenient, durable, high-quality and sustainable. To find out more, click the icons below.


Made in Finland


All of our retail packaging has been awarded the Association of Finnish Work’s Key Flag – Avainlippu – for their contribution to promoting Finnish business, quality, and safety, and our commitment to social responsibility, a reliable supply chain and service.


Sustainable Flexible Packaging


Sustainability is and will remain a key requirement for flexible packaging. At Amerplast, we are relentlessly promoting the use of green packaging solutions simply because we think it is our responsibility as a packaging supplier to constantly search for and bring forward the most environmentally friendly alternatives in materials and technologies for producing high quality packaging solutions.


The AmerGreen sustainability program is our quest for a better world. As part of the program, we offer sustainable raw materials and ensured recyclability. Read more >>

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