Our comprehensive approach to sustainability covers the entire value chain of flexible packaging, from the raw materials we use to our operations and to the final products delivered to our customers. Sustainability in our operations is built on three corner stones: circular economy, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable sourcing. We have set concrete targets to minimize our environmental impacts and to ensure sustainable development on all fronts.

Circular Economy integrated in our operations


At Amerplast, Circular economy from operational point of view means elimination of waste and efficient use of resources. We have set annual targets to reduce the amount of waste generated in our production and to increase the level of recycling. We are able to internally utilise the polyethylene waste generated in our processes for the production of recycled flexible packaging. In 2020, we invested in a new recycling machinery to further increase the effectiveness of our internal polyethylene waste recycling and to expand our portfolio of recycled flexible packaging.


Resource efficiency can be seen in the products we produce as down gauging and utilisation of recycled raw materials. Recycled raw materials are used for example in carrier bags, construction packaging films, tissue packaging, security bags and thermo bags, to name a few.

Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions


Climate change is one of our generation’s greatest challenges. The UN climate panel IPCC report stated that keeping the global warming under 1,5 degrees Celsius requires ”rapid, long term and record breaking big” cuts to our emissions. We are playing our part in fighting the climate change by reducing our operational greenhouse gas emissions.


We are reducing our emissions through energy saving programs, investments and employee education. In the Spring of 2020, we changed our energy source partly to hydropower to lower the amount of CO2 emissions generated in our packaging production. Due to this change, we are able to decrease our annual greenhouse gas emissions on average by 3,45 million kg CO2-eq.

Sustainable sourcing


Amerplast is committed sustainability and responsible business practices, which we also expect from our suppliers and business partners. We require them to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and to act in accordance with the highest business ethics standards. We also expect them to respect internationally recognized human and labour rights. Suppliers should identify their environmental impacts and continuously strive to minimise them. They are also encouraged to promote circular economy through material efficiency, recycling and the use of recycled and bio based materials where possible.

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