Choose an ecological Amergrip bag for storing and deep-freezing. The plastic used in Amergrip bags is made from renewable sugar cane which, during its growth, captures carbon dioxide from the environment. 99% of the bag’s raw material is biobased. Amergrip bags are manufactured in Tampere, Finland and the energy used for producing these bags is from renewable sources.


The success of the bags is based on the high quality reclosable Minigrip closure. The bags are perfect for storing, deep-freezing or preserving goods or food. They are also convenient for storing small goods at home or to be taken with you while travelling. Our 1 liter bag is especially handy when packing liquids according to flight security regulations when flying.


Amergrip bags can be used for:


  • Preservation
  • Deep-freezing
  • Storing of small goods
  • Packing liquids for flights
  • Protecting sensitive goods, such as cell phones, from moisture


More tips for using Amergrip bags!


“Get a lot of different size Amergrip bags! One-liter and two-liter bags are the most used, and large four-liter bags I use for packing opened spaghetti bags and boxes. This way, the cabinets stay clean, when the leaking flour bags and rice boxes are in their reclosable bags.”


Hanna Gullichsen, a chef, a publisher and a mother of three boys

Hanna Gullichsen
  • Six different sizes: mini (10x 11cm), 0,5l, 1l, 2l, 4l and maxi (35x 35cm).
  • Suitable for packing food products.
  • The plastic of Amergrip bags (low-density polyethylene, LD-PE) is made from sugar cane – a 100% renewable natural product.
  • The raw materials used in Amergrip bags are approved to be used in packing food products. Amergrip bags do not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA).
  • The bag is clear and transparent.
  • Bags are printed with a white, marker-friendly background for writing on.
  • Withstands defrosting in a microwave oven at defrosting power or in a water bath (not on the stove).
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Amerplast started the manufacture of storing and deep-freeze bags in 1971. The high-quality bags are manufactured in Tampere, Finland. The bags are given the right to use the Key Flag Symbol, awarded by the Association for Finnish Work. The Key Flag Symbol is an acknowledgement of promoting Finnish work, quality and safety as well as our commitment to sustainability, reliable supply chain and service level. Read more about the Key Flag.


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