October 15th 2019


Amerplast is cooperating with a Finnish company Woodly Oy to present a carbon neutral and wood-based alternative to traditional fossil-based plastics. This new kind of plastic uses cellulose from sustainably managed forests as its primary raw ingredient. It is also designed recyclable, making it fully integrated in a circular economy.


Amerplast is constantly looking for alternatives to traditional fossil-based plastics. Recyclability and the use of recycled or bio-based materials are the features now sought after in sustainable flexible packaging solutions. We are aiming to make bio-based raw materials a standard in our business.


“We see, that the future of flexible packaging is in the recyclable bio-based plastics. For this reason, we are extremely excited about the cooperation with Woodly. Their cellulose-based solution can be utilized in applications currently made from traditional fossil-based polypropylene, such as packaging for clothing, flowers or bread, for example”, says Amerplast Chief Marketing Officer Ari-Pekka Pietilä. “This solution is a perfect fit for our sustainable packaging portfolio.”


“Amerplast is the right kind of strategic and forward-thinking partner to Woodly. We believe that this collaboration will accelerate the development towards new type of sustainable, carbon neutral packaging solutions”, says Woodly CEO Jaakko Kaminen.


During the summer, World Economic Forum listed cellulose-based plastics as the top emerging technology of 2019. Technological innovations, such as plastics that are cellulose-based and recyclable, are believed to have an instrumental role in protecting the environment and mitigating the effects of climate change. Read more >>


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