08 April 2019


AmerThermo is an insulation solution for carrying hot and cold products. The bag is perfect for carrying frozen goods, ice creams, hot or cold beverages and hot grilled products from store to home. Those products which are sensitive to cold, such as flowers, salads and herbs, also keep better when packed in an AmerThermo bag.


According to our strategy and a part of our AmerGreen sustainability program we are aiming to increase the use of recycled raw materials in suitable applications thus reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and the use of fossil based virgin raw materials. In the future our AmerThermo bags are made from minimum of 20% of recycled materials. The product made from polyethylene (LDPE) is fully recyclable and after use it can be recycled for the manufacture of new thermo bags or products such as ESSI Circular Bags. We want to provide our customers and consumer with sustainable solutions for their everyday lives.


”The use of recycled raw materials and recyclability are emphasized in the modern plastic packaging and products. The circulation of materials and environmentally friendly solutions are promoting the transition towards circular economy”, says Ari-Pekka Pietilä, Chief Marketing Officer. ”The new AmerThermo concept is answering our customers’ and consumers’ needs by offering a possibility to make concrete environmentally sound choices in their everyday lives”, Pietilä concludes.


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Ari-Pekka Pietilä
Chief Marketing Officer
+35810 214 2284

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