June 3rd, 2021


Amerplast, one of Europe’s largest flexo printers and bag converters and a leader in innovative packaging solutions, has published a strategic sustainability plan with concrete steps in moving forward with circular economy in its operations. The plan aims at the company maintaining a leadership position in the transformation of the flexible packaging industry into an environmentally sound business.


The strategic plan has three key components. Sustainable Solutions aims at constantly looking for and bringing forward environmentally friendly materials and technologies that are completely integrated in circular economy. Sustainable Operations means maximizing resource efficiency, sustainable sourcing and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and waste. The third pillar, Sustainable Amerplast, reflects the company’s commitment to responsible business practices and sustainable growth, including in its supply chain.


The short- and long terms strategies and actions adopted will guide the company in further developing and growing its business in a sustainable way. In implementing further circular economy initiatives, Amerplast aims at decoupling growth from the consumption of finite natural resources.


“Sustainability is one of Amerplast’s core values and a cornerstone of our business strategy, going beyond environmental issues. We see it as a comprehensive approach to a better way of doing business and growing together with our customers”, says Mark Rooney, Amerplast CEO. “Today’s consumers value sustainable packaging. What is good for the environment is therefore also good for business and recognizing this, we continue offering an increasing number of sustainable packaging solutions and alternatives to our customers.”


Amerplast started emphasizing environmental sustainability already in the early 1990s with the use of recycled plastics and focus on maximum efficiency in the use of raw materials. Today the company has a leading position in the circular economy of flexible packaging. As part of its AmerGreen brand, Amerplast offers sustainable raw materials, extended shelf life and ensured recyclability. In 2020 over 95% of the packaging produced by the company was recyclable, and the goal is to achieve 100% by year 2025.


Amerplast will continue decreasing the use of fossil based virgin raw materials and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. In 2020 Amerplast decreased its annual CO2 emissions by 3.45 million kg CO2-eq. The use of bio based and recycled raw materials will increase, with a concrete goal of these forming 45% of the raw materials used by 2030.


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