April 28th, 2022


Amerplast is committed to the Finnish Construction Plastics Green Deal agreement, which contributes to increasing the use of recycled materials in the construction industry’s plastic packaging and their recyclability. The transition to a circular economy and resource-wise value chains is essential to building a carbon-neutral society. Amerplast is strongly involved in this work.


Finland’s goal is to be carbon neutral in 2035 and a pioneer in the circular economy in 2025. Achieving these goals will require rapid and significant action from all sectors. The Construction Plastics Green Deal will have an impact on achieving these national targets. It is a voluntary deal between the Finnish Ministry of Environment and different industry associations and operators.


Amerplast was the first Finnish flexible packaging manufacturer to make the green deal commitment. We are contributing to achieving the set targets through recycling of construction plastic packaging and cooperating with the industry to further develop construction plastic packaging to be fully integrated in the circular economy through recyclability and the use of recycled raw materials.


Amerplast has set an ambitious target of 50% for the share of recycled raw materials, originating from the construction industry sources, used in our construction flexible packaging production. In addition to this, we aim for an even higher share of recycled materials used in individual end products (film plastics), taking into account all the recycled materials, acquired from different sources, we use.


Amerplast has the expertise, tools and will to support construction industry players and the value chain to achieve their environmental goals. We are excited to take part in the Finnish construction industry’s journey towards circular economy.


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