Countless ways for using the bags


Make purées of different vegetables, such as zucchinis, carrots or turnips and store them by portions in your freezer in Amergrip bags. Later you can use the purées when making soups, for example.



When your baby starts to eat her first foods, it is easy to make pre-prepared portions of different purées to an ice cube tray. Once they are frozen, pack them in Amergrip bags. You can pack vegetable and meat dishes in separate bags.



When you are using your tablet to look at a recipe, cover it with an Amergrip bag. This way, the tablet will stay clean and you are still able to use the touch screen through the bag.




Matches will stay dry when you pack them inside an Amergrip bag.



When camping, pack your change of clothes, camera, phone, spare battery and maps to Amergrip bags to keep them dry.



Pack all your sensitive goods, like phones and maps, to Amergrip bags when boating.


Amergrip in kitchen


Once your Summer flowers have bloomed, harvest the seeds to Amergrip bags in your garden. You can write the name of the flower on the bag to make it easier for you to plant them in the Spring.



Take your children’s favourite games with you, so the children won’t be bored during the travel or in the hotel room. Board game men, marks and dices will not get lost once packet in their own Amergrip bags.



Take a few empty Amergrip bags with you on your holiday. They are convenient for collecting souvenirs, like stones, shells, pine cones etc.. You can also write the date and locations of your holiday trip on the bags. It makes no sense using money for boring souvenirs, when you can collect more interesting yourself!



It is sometimes difficult to take bigger bottles or containers with you to a picnic. You can utilize Amergrip bags for packing, for example, ketchup, mustard or different dips and sauces.


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