Here is how to properly deep-freeze your berries


1. Turn on the freezer function well in advance before freezing, often the day before, depending on the freezer.

2. Always freeze fresh and first-quality berries..

3. Clean the berries thoroughly, but do not wash them. If you are planning on eating the berries without heating them properly, make sure to use only Finnish berries.

4.Choose the right size bag from the selection of Amergrip bags.

Deep-freezing tips

5. You can freeze the berries whole, sliced or as a purée. You can also use Amergrip bags for storing the berries as a juice thanks to their water tight design.

6. Place the berries carefully inside the bag using a table spoon to prevent the berries from breaking. Do not fill the bag all the way to make it easier for you to place the bags into your freezer.

7. If you wish, you can sprinkle some sugar on top of the berries. Sugar will help to store the taste, color and vitamins of the berries.

8. When the berries are inside the bag, press the excess air carefully out of the bag before closing. This will prevent frost from forming inside the bag.

9. You can cool down the berries in the fridge before placing them into the freezer.

10. Place the Amergrip bags on the freezer shelves (often the top shelf is intended for freezing) so that they will not be on top of each other during the freezing. Once the berries are frozen properly, you can place them on top of each other on the lower shelves in your freezer.


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