Deep-freezing is a great way for preserving mushrooms. From the freezer, mushrooms can be put into food without soaking and the appropriate amount of mushrooms is easy to estimate. Preparations for freezing begin already in the forest.


1. Mushrooms should be cleaned of debris and soil already in the forest. In addition to debris, it is worth leaving the larvae eaten parts of the mushrooms in the forest.

2. Mushrooms should be frozen as quickly as possible. Clean up any left debris at home, and scrub and chop the mushrooms.

3. Before freezing:

  • Blanch/ boil mushrooms that require boiling before eating them and cool them down by rinsing them with cold water. Do not use the boiling water for cooking!
  • Mushrooms that don’t require blanching or boiling can be heated on a pan (preferably use a coated nonstick pan) to remove excess fluid. Use low temperature and heat the mushrooms in small batches.

4. Cool the mushrooms well and pack in Amergrip bags. You should choose the bag size based on how much mushrooms you estimate to use at one time.

Deep freezing tip for mushrooms

5. Be sure to write on the bag, what mushrooms you have in it and the date.

6. If you are freezing large quantities at once, it is advisable to put the freezer to a freezing temperature well in advance of freezing.

7. Enjoy the flavors of Autumn whenever you want! Frozen mushrooms stay well in the freezer for about a year as long as you have processed them without fat.


Be sure to only collect and store mushrooms that you have identified as edible.

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