Amergrips are manufactured in Tampere, Finland. The bags are given the right to use the Key Flag Symbol, awarded by the Association for Finnish Work.


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Frequently asked questions


Question 1: Where can I sort Amergrip bags after use?

Answer 1: After use, the bags can be returned to plastic collection/energy waste collection points. The product packaging can be separately sorted as plastic packaging waste.


Question 2: Can I use Amergrip bags in sous vide cooking?

Answer 2: Our customers have mentioned that the temperatures used in sous vide method are between 55-58 degrees Celsius and the simmering time can be up to 8 hours. Based on this information, we do not recommend to use Amergrip bags in sour vide cooking.

According to EU standardised food safety tests for materials in food contact, the short term maximum temperature for Amergrip bags is 100 degrees Celsius. In addition, the bags have also being tested in 40 degrees (for indefinite time) and in 70 degrees for 2 hours. It is not worthwhile to test the product in temperatures over 100 degrees because the plastic used in the bags will start to change its shape in higher temperatures (shrink or melt). The test conditions of the EU standard test do not cover long term cooking, such us 8 hours in 80 degrees Celsius.


Amergrip bags cannot be used as vacuum bags because the LDPE plastic from which they are made of, allows oxygen to pass through. For this reason, even if you have pressed the air out of the Amergrip bag before closing it for sous vide, it will gradually allow oxygen back inside the bag. The vacuum bags are made using different types of plastics such as polyamide which can withstand higher temperatures and have higher oxygen barrier properties.


When simmering LDPE-based bags in a normal kettle, there is a risk that the bag will be in contact with the hot metal, which might create holes in the bag. Also, there is a risk that during the simmering, the content inside the bag may expand which may cause leakage in the seams of the bag.


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