June 29th, 2020


We are aiming to make bio-based materials a standard in our business. Last year, we started cooperation with a Finnish company Woodly Oy to present a carbon neutral and wood-based alternative to traditional fossil-based plastics.


Like with any new innovation or raw material, cooperation between the material supplier and packaging producer starts with trials and test runs to find optimal processes and material compositions. Our cooperation with Woodly was no exception, and it took a while before first commercial solutions were ready to be implemented in our AmerGreen solutions portfolio. In June 2020, we have piloted flexible packaging for a potted flower made of Woodly, together with K Group, a Finnish retail chain.


“This is a start-up of the new area. Woodly films are now commercially available for reel solutions from Amerplast. Further developments are always needed but we are in the stage to commercialise new applications and items,” says Ari-Pekka Pietilä, Amerplast Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.


Wood-based packaging for potted flowers


Beautiful flowers are delicate products that deserve to be seen through transparent and clear packaging. Woodly is a great solution, when looking for a more sustainable bio-based option, for example, for packaging traditionally made of fossil-based polypropylene.

“The expertise of Amerplast in new materials and film production has been one of the key factors in commercializing Woodly. I believe our collaboration will result in many more sustainable packaging solutions that we will bring to market in the near future,” says Jaakko Kaminen, CEO of Woodly.


“Sustainable consumption is a growing phenomenon. Reducing and recycling plastic speaks to our customers, and every day we are asked for help with this. We are constantly developing our own operations and innovating new circular economy experiments with our partners to ensure consumed plastic is placed back into circulation. Our cooperation with the Finnish company Woodly is an excellent example of this, ”says Timo Jäske, K-Group’s Director of Responsibility in the Grocery Trade.

Woodly Pirkka Begonia packaging

If you are keen to find out, whether Woodly would be a good fit for your product, contact our experts.



About Woodly®

Woodly is a transparent packaging material which can be used for packaging food and everyday goods. It is a carbon-neutral material with cellulose from FSC-certified forests. This means that the forests are managed according to international ecological and ethical standards. Woodly’s carbon footprint is smaller than that of other similar materials. In addition, Woodly is designed to be recyclable.

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