April 1st, 2020


Due to coronavirus pandemic, the demand for ethanol has increased exponentially. In addition to the production of disinfectants and sanitary products, ethanol is used in the production of solvents and printing inks. As the consumption increases, the demand can be higher than the supply.


Packaging is an essential part of food and hygiene product supply chain. It is extremely important to secure the supply of food and other essential goods to the European population and any disruption to the supply chain must be avoided. FTA (Flexographic Technical Association Europe) and Intergraf (European federation for print and digital communication) are calling on European and national authorities to secure the supply of synthetic ethyl alcohol for the continuous production of food packaging. While the supply of synthetic ethyl alcohol should be secured for sanitary purposes in particular in medical environments, its supply for the continuous production of food packaging should also be available.


Due to high demand, the price of ethanol has dramatically risen and ink suppliers are forced in some cases to use alternative solvents in the manufacturing of printing inks. Availability of ethanol for the essential washing of printing presses is also limited.


As a provider of healthcare, food and bakery packaging, Amerplast has been identified as a critical supplier. We are constantly monitoring the situation in close cooperation with our supply partners.



FTA (Flexographic Technical Association Europe)

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