Press release, May 12th, 2022


As a result of the collaboration between Woodly and Amerplast, the companies have commercialized a novel cellulose-based film made of 100% carbon-neutral and recyclable Woodly® material. The newest application made from the film is a heat-sealed bag for takeaway products launched by St1’s HelmiSimpukka restaurant chain in Finland. Read more information about the Woodly® heat-sealed take-away bag.


The growing packaging sector is constantly seeking new material innovations with improved sustainability and material performance. Cellulose film made from Woodly® material and produced by Amerplast is an answer to these market demands. More specifically, the Woodly® film is an alternative solution to the traditional cellophane with a reduced carbon footprint and improved recyclability. The Woodly® film can also prevent moisture condensation and preserve the quality of fresh food products for longer. In addition to food packaging, Woodly® film can be used for labels and to wrap flowers and presents, just to mention a few example applications.


According to a leading market research company Facts & Factors, the global cellophane market alone is expected to surpass 450 billion euros by 2028, at a 4.92% CAGR. *


“We have a resourceful collaboration with Amerplast. With Woodly® material we can cover many interesting packaging product categories that can benefit from the quality and characteristics of our material. As a producer Amerplast plays a key role when we are developing new material applications for the growing plastic film markets,” says Jaakko Kaminen, CEO of Woodly.


Amerplast has extensive experience in plastics and the manufacturing of packaging. Amerplast provides packaging solutions for both food and non-food applications to the biggest brands in key market segments in Europe.


“The wood-based plastic material offered by Woodly and our technical know-how is a perfect match that supports our commitment further to increase the use of bio-based raw materials in the packaging we manufacture. We have strong expertise in food industry requirements and packaging materials. We are excited to collaborate with Woodly in investigating the potential of having an alternative to cellophane-type of material that fulfils our customers’ expectations,” says Ari-Pekka Pietilä, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Amerplast.


*) Demand Analysis of Global Cellophane Market by Facts & Factors




Jaakko Kaminen, CEO, Woodly Oy, Tel. +358 (0)40 590 0035,


Ari-Pekka Pietilä, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Amerplast Oy, Tel. 010 214 2284,


About Woodly

Woodly Oy is a Finnish company developing materials technology, whose commercial product is a new type of plastic-based on wood cellulose – Woodly®. Woodly® material has the same characteristics as conventional fossil plastics but with the added benefit of being carbon neutral and recyclable. In addition to packaging, it can be used to produce products for different uses.


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