December 4th, 2019


Flexible plastic packaging producer Amerplast is leading the industry towards Circular Economy of plastics through recycling, high material efficiency and high quality recycled flexible packaging solutions. The company is now investing in a state of the art Intarema 1108 TE plastic recycling system supplied by EREMA, to further develop the utilization of recycled plastics. This investment is part of Amerplast’s sustainability strategy.


The new investment enables Amerplast to further increase the effectiveness of its internal plastics recycling and the versatile use of recycled plastics in a vast variety of flexible packaging applications. The machinery will be operational in the beginning of the Q2/2020 and it will be installed at the company’s factory in Tampere, Finland. In addition to further expand the recycled flexible packaging application portfolio, the latest investment provides important customer and environmental benefits. Amerplast is now able to increase the value added of the recycled flexible packaging and develop recycled packaging applications to meet food safety regulations.


Amerplast has been utilizing recycled raw materials since the beginning of 1990s. This material is being used in non-food flexible packaging applications such as tissue packaging and carrier bags. Since the 90s, the demand for recycled flexible plastic packaging has increased significantly as the environmental awareness has grown. According to Amerplast research, the use of recycled raw materials significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the packaging and also the need for virgin fossil based raw materials. Transition to Circular Economy and the circulation of plastics is a necessity when we are creating a better and more sustainable future. We need to make the most of our limited resources and work together against climate change.


“We consider this investment to be an excellent addition to our production portfolio. It represents the latest technology and will further increase our material efficiency and broaden our recycled flexible packaging portfolio. We see recycling and recycled packaging solutions to be the corner stone of sustainable use of plastics. This is yet another concrete step we are taking towards the circular economy of plastics”, says Tuomo Riihimäki, Amerplast COO.


Additional information:

Tuomo Riihimäki
Chief Operating Officer
+35810 214 2248

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