Amerplast is taking the leading position in transforming the flexible packaging industry into an environmentally sound business. We take our responsibility of creating a better future for everyone very seriously. Sustainability is one of our company values and a cornerstone of our strategy. Our comprehensive approach to sustainability with each of its three dimensions (social, environmental and financial) consists of concrete, long term and strategic actions that ensure a sustainable way for us to grow together with our customers.


Our ambition is to be on the forefront in the development of the most sustainable flexible packaging solutions. Amerplast’s Research and Development department is focusing on the development of sustainable packaging solutions without compromising the visuality, functionality and protective properties of the innovative new packaging solutions. We are a market leader in utilising recycled materials in flexible packaging applications completely in line with the circular economy model. Recyclability is the key when we strive to make the transition towards a circular economy and an efficient recycling of plastic packaging.

Taking actions against climate change


All over the world we are starting to feel the major impacts of climate change. The question is therefore not whether we should act on CO2 emissions and stop the pollution of our water and land. It is about having the courage and foresight to make the necessary changes and decisions now, to ensure that the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat and the products we consume are safe for our environment, families and the generations to come.


At Amerplast, we have taken it as our mission to contribute to the actions against climate change. We believe what is good for the environment is good for business.

Comprehensive approach to sustainability


Sustainability is not merely an environmental issue but a comprehensive approach to a better way of doing business and growing together with our customers. Sustainability for Amerplast consists of all three aspects of sustainability: social, environmental and financial.

Sustainable Flexible Packaging


Sustainability is and will remain a key requirement for flexible packaging. At Amerplast, we are relentlessly promoting the use of green packaging solutions simply because we think that it is our responsibility as a packaging supplier to constantly search for and bring forward the most environmentally friendly alternatives in materials and technologies for producing high quality packaging solutions.


AmerGreen sustainability program is our quest for a better world. As part of the program we offer sustainable raw materials and ensured recyclability. Read more >>

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