Supplier Code of Conduct

Common understanding and commitment to equal standards


Amerplast is committed to full compliance with applicable national laws and regulations, as well as good and ethical business practices. We expect the same from our suppliers and business partners. To ensure common understanding and commitment to equal standards, we have adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct.


Our suppliers and partners are obliged to implement the principles of this Code in all their business activities and comply with any additional requirements agreed in agreement documents. Compliance with the Code is also expected from our suppliers’ sub-suppliers, and other entities acting on their behalf, in all business interactions.


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Amerplast’s invoicing addresses in Finland


You are kindly requested to send your invoices to us primarily as electronic invoices to our operator Pagero Oy. In case you are not able to send electronic invoices, kindly send the invoices to DOCUSCAN addresses given or in the PDF format by email to the following address:


Please be advised that:


  • you can send only invoices to the addresses above
  • invoices must be in the PDF format
  • one email can contain only one invoice. Any attachments to the invoice must be scanned to the same PDF file with the invoice as additional pages.


All other documents you are kindly requested to send to our mailing address: Amerplast Ltd., P.O.Box 33, FI-33731 Tampere, FINLAND, or to the email:


Amerplast Ltd.


e-Invoice address: 003701330255
Operator: Pagero
Operator code: 003723609900 or PAGERO
BIC: 0133025-5


Invoicing address:
Amerplast Ltd.
OVT 003701330255
P.O.Box 906

Amerplast’s invoicing address in Poland


Amerplast Sp z o.o.


Graniczna Street 57
PL-05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland

BIC: PL5341371450


All other documents and inquiries you are kindly requested to send to:

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