Claudia worked as a Marketing & Communications Intern at Amerplast. This was a combination of a part-time summer job and a work practice, part of her business studies in the University of Applied Sciences. She worked in marketing and communications, creating content and campaigns to Amerplast’s B2B and B2C social media channels and coordinated company’s participation in different events during the summer.

Claudia had never before worked in the flexible packaging industry and was surprised about how much attention Amerplast pays to the environmental issues and developing the industry into an environmentally sound business. She learned a lot about the environmental aspects of plastics during her time at Amerplast. Claudia enjoyed the versatility of her tasks. “I was able to do a variety of different marketing and communication tasks and I learned a lot. My tasks varied from designing a trade fair stand elements with design programs to shooting videos for Amerplast social media channels in Ruisrock – the biggest rock festival in Finland”, says Claudia. “Currently I’m working in marketing in another company and I have been able to utilise the things that I learned at Amerplast in my current work.”


Amerplast is an international company where we work in an international business environment. We have manufacturing plants in Finland and Poland and sales offices in Russia, Sweden and Germany. In addition, many of our customers are big international brand owners and industry leaders. Our company language for white collars is English as well as the majority of our marketing and communications. “It was great to write texts in English and I enjoy working in an international company,” says Claudia. “First, I was a little nervous about how I would manage the summer since I was given a lot of responsibility of my own work. The people working at Amerplast were very nice and I got a lot of support. I really enjoyed my summer work there.”

Claudia Kalin

In conclusion, she says marketing is a very exciting and versatile field, in which you can do so many different things depending on your skills and know-how, on the company and on the branch of business you are working in and your own creativity. “The fact that I was given a lot of responsibility and creative freedom with my work made it possible for me to learn many things that have been very useful in my career”.

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