October 19th, 2020


This year, health and safety are the top priorities for consumers, and they are expecting the producers to make sure that the food products they buy are safe to consume. To support producers and retailers to ensure food safety and reassure consumers, Amerplast has developed a special cover solution for strawberries and other fresh produce, currently sold in open boxes.


It is important to protect fresh berries, fruits and vegetables, while making sure that the packaging is convenient and easy to use in the hectic market place or a grocery store. Due to the corona epidemic, consumers are changing the way they behave and consume, and companies are forced to change their processes and adapt their businesses to match the current situation. This also means new requirements for the packaging.


Traditionally fresh produce like strawberries are sold in wooden/carton boxes that have had no covers. This has been a good solution since the berries need to breath and the products are sold in a course of the day. However, in the current world situation, something to better protect the berries is needed to reassure consumers of food safety.

Amerplast has developed an extremely convenient and easy to use solution to ensure product safety of fresh produce (especially berries) – a polyethylene cover sheet, with tapes on each end for quick and easy packing, that can be applied to the existing packaging box.


Product information:


  • Transparent polyethylene.
  • Delivered as separate sheets.
  • Tapes on each end that attach the film firmly on the box.
  • Allows berries inside to breath.
  • Fully recyclable after use.


For more information about our packaging solutions for fresh produce, contact our sales and customer service team.

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