December 19th, 2019


Soon, it will be Christmas and it is a perfect time to summarise the year 2019.


The world is changing at an accelerating speed. The terms, such as, recycling, recyclability, renewable and biodegradable are the most used terms in the packaging industry today. New products and concepts are being launched to the market like never before and it is hard especially for the consumers to keep up and recognize which of the new solutions are good and what are not so good for the environment.


At Amerplast, we have a clear stand; recycling and the renewable raw materials are our strategic corner stone. Our newest opening is the packaging films for the building and construction industry, like films for insulation wools. Together with our Finnish customer Ekovilla, we launched the new circular economy films, with over 90% of recycled materials, to the market. We will be launching further products and concepts in the near future.


Our most recent investment in recycling is a recycling system, supplied by Erema, which provides us with more tools to develop new concepts. The world is changing and Amerplast is striving to continuously offer new solutions to solve the current and future challenges.


In May this year, Amerplast wanted to contribute to our local plastic recycling by opening a separate collection point for plastic packaging waste to our Tampere factory in Finland. The collection point is open for everyone to bring their household packaging waste to be further recycled as raw material for new plastic packaging and other products. Once the collection point has been noted by the residents, the containers are always full for the weekly emptying and 500kg of plastic is collected for recycling every week. This is great!


We are extremely happy to go towards 2020. Amerplast is known for its good service level, quality products, reliability and skilled personnel. Over the past couple of years, we have identified areas of development and in 2020, it is time to focus on developing our strengths and continue our growth, together with our environmentally aware customers and partners, to the next level.


With these words, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Written by:


Ari Pekka Pietilä

Ari-Pekka Pietilä

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

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