Aino Järvinen worked at Amerplast as a part time summer worker. She is a student at the Oulu University studying process and environmental engineering. During her summer break she wanted to work for a company she could potentially be employed in the future after her studies. One of the reasons Aino applied to work at Amerplast was because she finds plastic as a material very interesting and the plastic industry as an interesting and developing branch of business.

Aino Järvinen

Aino worked at the Tampere packaging factory’s printing department and more specifically on one of the printing machines as a process operator. Her daily duties included maintaining and monitoring of the printing process as well as actions during job changes. This was her first time working in an industrial environment and working in three shifts. She found working in shifts a little challenging and she says it is important to listen to your body and take care of your well being. Working at Amerplast was a good experience for Aino and she says that the work environment and the working community was very nice. She got great support from her colleagues when learning the trade, duties and the company practices. “Working in an industrial environment and being able to do things with your hands was great and I learned a lot of new things. For example, I drove a fork lift for the first time in my life. The work is versatile and I it was quite interesting to take part in the maintenance of the machines and changing blades and gear wheels”, Aino says.


As part of her studies, Aino has learned more about plastics as a material and the plastics industry. She says that the material has bit of a bad reputation, although it is actually a very good material. The developing plastics industry is moving forward fast with many new innovations and there is a need for new young professionals to lead the development.


When asked about her advice for young people searching for a summer job, she says, it is important to apply for jobs or companies that you personally find interesting. “This will show through on your application and improve your changes for getting invited to an interview. Summer work is also a great opportunity to get to know different branch of businesses and to find out, what type of work and industry would be suitable for you in your future career”, she explains.

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